Rare Hair Salon

PROJECT: Rare Hair Salon
LOCATION: Kifissia, Greece
PROJECT STATUS: Completed, February 2013
TYPE: Commercial
LEAD DESIGNER: Stamos Hondrodimos
GRAPHIC DESIGN: Giannis Kondylis
LIGHTING DESIGN: Olga Terzi, Stamos Hondrodimos
PHOTOGRAPHY: Anastasia Adamaki

Rare Hair Salon is located on Kyriazi Street in Kifissia. It is a rare space, as the name suggests, which differs in design from the classic approach taken in other salons. Its philosophy is that hair care is a ritual, much as that followed by the Geishas and Samurais. The simplicity and attention to detail, which this philosophy requires, is reflected in the interior design from the storefront all the way to the back areas of the salon. The colours, which have been chosen, are impressive, simple but at the same time heavy in order to emphasize the importance of preparation and care. The space is a corner shop in a commercial complex, visible to the passer-by, who quickly becomes aware of the mood of the boutique shop. Wooden rungs were hung on the initial cold glass façade to filter the light, creating a game of shadows as the positions of the sun change throughout the course of the day. The simple lines combined with many different textures and materials, and the scenographic lighting creates a variety of interest points within the cosy space. Ropes stretched out from the high ceiling down to the floor, separate the primary workspace from the washbasins. All the furniture is custom-made, with hidden pockets, in order for the work implements to remain completely out of sight, maintaining a clean image.