Lena Mare Boutique Hotel

PROJECT: Lena Mare Boutique Hotel
HOTEL: Lena Mare Boutique Hotel
LOCATION: North Corfu, Greece
PROJECT STATUS: Completed, April 2016
TYPE: Hotels
LEAD DESIGNER: Stamos Hondrodimos
DESIGN TEAM: Nefeli Tsiami
GRAPHIC DESIGN: Joseph Foskolos
PHOTOGRAPHY: Ioanna Roufopoulou

The Lena Mare Hotel is located in the North of the island of Corfu. The owners  were looking for a new corporate design  identity and a new concept that would be applied progressively to the entire hotel which was the basis for our approach. In the first phase of the renovations we were asked to radically design the lobby, the pool bar & day restaurant as well as five suites.With respect to the quiet, family-style character of the hotel, the design maintains the atmosphere of an everyday-home so that guests feel as if they are in a familiar environment. With contemporary design interventions, the newly designed spaces are based on the principles of simplicity with small interventions on the existing building space, and the use of materials such as wood and marble in their natural form.Most of the furniture has been designed specifically for the hotel as it was intended to aesthetically and functionally connect the various uses and utilities housed in common areas.The reception area was designed to be unlike the conventional form of a lobby. The functions of the reception counter, the lounge and the indoor bar were adjusted so that the whole space is more reminiscent of a modern living room with a home office space, bookcase, lounge and an open cupboard enclosing and serving the needs of the indoor bar.The new suites have also been redesigned in light of the same modern design transforming them into comfortable spaces. The master bedroom and bathroom are separated off from the comfortable living space of the day (kitchen, dining and living room). The small but functional kitchen which has been spatially joined with a comfortable sitting room is the first room one finds upon entering the suite and this visually expands the space. Following that is the bedroom space with impressive beds made of solid oak wood with bare sky combined with basic bedside furnishing. The skillfully crafted materials of custom made furniture designed in a modern style add accents of elegant simplicity to the simple design that was chosen to be implemented.In order for the pool bar to be able to be showcased and to maintain an elegant but also quiet quality, it had to be simplified from its original form and it had to be architecturally and functionally redefined. Built in benches were added around the sides of the pool for relaxing, creating an additional lounge area. The breakfast area was remodeled by seating built in an alignment thus enhancing the visual balance, widening the corridors and therefore the convenience in the daily operation of the space as well as the visitors’ stay.