Honeymoon Petra Villas

PROJECT: Honeymoon Petra Villas
HOTEL: Honeymoon Petra Villas
LOCATION: Santorini, Greece
PROJECT STATUS: Completed, April 2016
TYPE: Hotels
LEAD DESIGNER: Stamos Hondrodimos
DESIGN TEAM: Nefeli Tsiami
PHOTOGRAPHY: Anastasia Adamaki

Honeymoon Petra Villas is located in Imerovigli of Santorini and it is considered to be one of the most extraordinary hotel premises of the island due to its location and unusual architecture. Built into the black rock of Santorini, in absolute harmony with the natural environment, it constituted both a design and an emotional challenge for the team of InteriorDesignLaboratorium. Upon initial contact with the InteriorDesignLaboratorium the owners emphasized the urgency of ascertaining a new design identity for all the hotel interiors which are to be completed in sections over time.  The hotel is divided into two wings, the Petra wing and the Traditional wing, where Petra, is comprised of 17 suites carved into the volcanic rock on the edge of the caldera, and the Traditional wing which is a separate neighborhood of eight suites on the main path of the village which in the early days of the hotel business, used to be the main building area of Honeymoon Petra Hotel. Our work in the first phase of the renovation involved six suites, three in the Petra wing and three in the Traditional wing. The guideline in finding the signature design was directed by our desire to respect the architecture of the building and our will to create a new design methodology. This methodology aims to respect tradition, develop and highlight it by uniting it with original design pieces, creating through this process, design images which endure over time. Our study process began by interpreting the feelings this area evoked. The sharp mountain view, the diversity of materials and textures draw an intense and complex emotional landscape which can hardly be translated. Our goal was to discharge these strong emotions, which in design language implies that the interiors ought to have a soothing power. The white walls act as canvases emphasizing the purity and contrasting with the facades of black stone and white plaster one sees outside. Furniture from natural materials crafted with detail and palpable textures, combined so as to nurture calm emotions and evoke interest. All the surfaces of the materials received treatments such as sandblasting, silently hinting at the rough landscape through the sense of touch. The modern interpretation of the simplified traditional design led to the entire furnishing being custom-made specifically for the hotel. The beds lie on built-in benches set out along the rooms and accommodating different uses, the wooden sofas and tables are inspired by traditional island furniture. The decorative lighting has been strictly selected in line with the naval life of the area, with fine materials such as porcelain and brass. The decorative elements were selected so that despite its modern form, by association, it conjures images of old island life. The study began in October 2015 and was completed in January 2016. The work began in November 2015 and was completed in early May 2016, which was within the given time-frame.