LOCATION: Skiathos, Greece
PROJECT STATUS: Completed, April 2013
TYPE: Commercial
LEAD DESIGNER: Stamos Hondrodimos
LIGHTING DESIGN: Stamos Hondrodimos
PHOTOGRAPHY: Anastasia Adamaki

Dolce is a shop experimenting with both sweet and salty delights. Located in the center of Skiathos island between the house of the famous author Alexandros Papadiamantis and the island’s town hall.The central idea had as a base and principal a place simple, modern with original decorative and constructional details.Definition and transparency were asked for as a guiding line with the raw materials of the products taking the leading part.The internal space of 54 square meters area was designed functionally with the products’ showcases and the open manufacturing area being on the foreground viewing giving the customer a clear picture of the way each product is prepared. Thereafter and to the back space of the shop were additionally designed all secondary spaces, lavatories,a small storeroom and a closed,bigger manufacturing area.From the very beginning,the design study faced an inglenook space which had to be displayed as straight.Volumes were added in the internal creating solid right angles for the visitor’s eyes accentuating a grid which is mainly distinguished in the two colored blue and grey tile layout of the floor.Simultaneously,the acute and obtuse angles that preexisted rip the rectangular grid giving a strong dynamic sense to the whole place and raising the interest in the final configuration of the shop.Wood,metal and glass being the sovereign materials in simple and clear forms,the colors concerning the space’s masonry and the floor’s investment inspired from the central aspect of the next-door ruined workshop merging the old with the new.Industrial elements added to the decorative lighting and the sole chromatic printing is located in the numerous colorful raw materials of the products which are presented to the visitor in 75 transparent glass containers,giving the sense of a workshop playing with various tastes,smells,shapes and colors.