Bayatiko Food Bar

PROJECT: Bayatiko Food Bar
LOCATION: Santorini, Greece
PROJECT STATUS: Completed, Spring 2013
TYPE: Commercial
LEAD DESIGNER: Stamos Hondrodimos
GRAPHIC DESIGN: Aloha Design Studios
PHOTOGRAPHY: George Fakaros

Bayatiko food bar is located in the central square of Fira Santorini and is placed in a corner traditional oblong domed building of vaulted construction. The space proposes a whole different approach of fast food concerning the island’s usual standards.It’s design had as a guide the following three principals: uniqueness, studied simplicity and originality.From the beginning the main idea revolved around that specific area-a powerful core of energy and movement resulting from the vibrant atmosphere all around. The study, a quite evolved and modern approach, was based and inspired from that special energy of the people and surroundings transforming it to movement that took the lead part in the design.Dynamic forms subtract the given traditional curvatures of the island adding dynamics and perspective, such as the slope of the roof then the negative marble face of the central showcase of products, which refers to the prospect of a funnel, that attracts you on one hand to the intern of the shop and on the other to the center of the square. The wooden special constructions from natural oak- such as swings and 85 boards that tear the acclivitous roof – break the total white dominating the place. Black and gray shades as a second element upon the white, perfect and complete the picture giving a harmonious yet at the same time dynamic result.