Interior Design Laboratorium brand is an interior design company and a manufacturer of unique furniture founded by Stamos Hondrodimos in 2009. The creative base of the company is located in Athens and is made up of a team of highly qualified partners, such as interior architects, architect engineers; lighting designers and graphic designers. Most of the projects undertaken by the Interior Design Laboratorium are in extraordinary locations in Greece. The environment and the people of each location, the light, the energy and the landscape, the good or bad architecture, the history, are the most significant impressions of an initial approach to creation of an inspired design identity. We believe in the uniqueness of each project as if it were a dream, each time distinct just as each customer, each space and each building. We design balanced spaces whilst serving studied simplicity passionately, adding details of character and finesse. In the simplicity of the result one can always sense a quiet luxury emanating from the flawless functional design and the excellent quality of materials.



Stamos Hondrodimos’ relationship with nature is a defining element of his work.   He was born and raised by the sea, which explains his intimate attachment to it and to the Greek islands – a special relationship that seems to guide him. He belongs to those designers who draw their inspiration from nature, use natural materials and integrate their work into the natural environment.


The only norm he follows is that of simplicity – he does not adhere to conventions and instead strives to face the challenge of shaping an exceptional space. Stamos Hondrodimos approaches each of his projects uniquely according to its individual esthetic and functional demands – and each time he tells a different story. The common denominator of all his work is the careful, holistic design and his attention to detail.


He is a person who loves to discover new things and therefore found the perfect means of expressing himself through interior design. Having started from an early age he designs residential as well as commercial interiors and luxury hotels such as the Mystique, A Luxury Collection Hotel and the Vedema, A Luxury Collection Resort, both on Santorini and both members of the worldwide Alliance Starwood Hotels & Resorts . With every project he aims to create a unique environment that will leave a lasting impression on its visitors.


In his opinion, principal Greek esthetic is found and fostered in those places where people value their history and roots. In his design, he interprets and features tradition and combines it with authentic design elements, thereby creating timeless interiors.